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Taking Charge of Our Healing with Savio P. Clemente

Taking Charge of Our Healing with Savio P. Clemente

October 13, 2021

Today I am joined by Board Certified Wellness Coach, fellow podcaster, Stage 3 Cancer survivor, and founder of The Human Resolve, Savio P. Clemente.

Savio helps cancer survivors overcome the confusion and gain the clarity needed to get busy living in mind, body, and spirit.  He inspires people to find their "why" and to cultivate resilience in their mindset. 

In this episode, we’ll look at feeding our "three brains" — the head, heart, and gut — and how to have all three working in synergy.

We’re going to talk about being present, getting out of our own head and moving beyond auto-pilot to take charge of our healing.

You can find out more about Savio by heading to his website

The Power to Transform Your Life with RJ Singh

The Power to Transform Your Life with RJ Singh

October 6, 2021

RJ Singh joins the show to share his story of transformation from a life of chronic addiction, crime and youth detention to living life with intention and focus.

With the support of mentors, he developed his own framework to rebuild and refocus his mind, body, and spirit complex to transform his life.

To perform at our peak and achieve a high level of success in all areas of life we require intention, discipline, and solid habits.

Visit for more information and inspiration.

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Nourishing our Brain with Dr. Delia McCabe

Nourishing our Brain with Dr. Delia McCabe

September 29, 2021

On the show today I have Nutritional Neuroscientist, author and speaker, Dr. Delia McCabe, to talk about how our brain health, stress resiliency and psychological wellbeing can be directly impacted by the food we eat.

Delia shifted her focus from conventional talking therapy after completing her Master's in Psychology. She discovered that what we eat directly impacts brain function and that until the brain is properly nourished no amount of talking can support optimal cognitive functioning.

Today we’re going to dive into her research about the nutrients our brain needs to function at its best and how you can take control of your brain health by taking control of your diet.

Visit Delia's website LighterBrighterYou.Life for more information and resources.

Download her 7-Point Checklist To Feel Light And Bright Starting Today here.

From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self with Dr. Jennifer Harrison

From Your Stressed Self to Your Best Self with Dr. Jennifer Harrison

September 22, 2021

One of the biggest barriers to good health, happiness and success is stress. Today I am joined by stress and body-mind health expert, Dr. Jennifer Harrison.

Dr. Jen has studied the impact stress has on our body, mind and spirit for the last 33 years and her number 1 focus is to help people manage and process stress as well as learn powerful success principles to manifest the business and life they want without sacrificing their health and happiness.

In this episode, we’re talking about how our mindset and limiting beliefs can contribute to body-mind stress and on the other side of the coin, how a success mindset can help relieve stress and make it easier to achieve our goals.

Visit for more information, stress management tools and mindset coaching.

Reclaiming Yourself with Leah Marmulla

Reclaiming Yourself with Leah Marmulla

September 15, 2021

Today we have author, counselor and NLP practitioner, Leah Marmulla joining us to talk about the effect our thoughts and emotions have on our health.

Leah has been coaching people from all walks of life for the past 12 years, she also has a background in Dietetics and uses all of the knowledge she has gained in her many areas of study to help people grow their confidence and self-compassion.

Leah's mission is to help others take steps to walk their life journey. You can find out more about Leah by visiting and listen to her podcast here.

Empowering Your Reality with Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.

Empowering Your Reality with Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.

September 8, 2021

It all starts with harnessing the power of our own mindset, what we focus on is what we attract. Today we have Dr. Vic Manzo on the show to talk to us about using your mindset to achieve success and create a life you love.

Dr. Vic is a Certified Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor, Transformational Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and author of two books: Rediscover Your Greatness and A Walk in the Dark.

We will be diving into breaking psychological barriers, universal laws, neuro-reprogramming and other mindset techniques that Dr. Vic uses himself and with his clients to achieve what they desire.

Head over to to connect with Dr. Vic, and listen to his podcast, The Mindful Experiment here.

You can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more inspirational content.

Having the Courage to Back Yourself with Deanna Williamson

Having the Courage to Back Yourself with Deanna Williamson

September 1, 2021

Meditation, travel, family, managing anxiety, returning to a love of drama and acting, and equine-assisted therapy. We cover so many topics on the show today, with my guest Deanna Williamson.

Deanna is an occupational therapist working with children and families and the connection between them. She loves helping kids learn how to develop their skills and be part of the journey as both the child and the parent grow.

Find out more by visiting OT Time Kids or connect with Deanna on Instagram and Facebook.

Changing Your Brain with Toby Pasman

Changing Your Brain with Toby Pasman

August 25, 2021

This week I have neurophysiology researcher and founder of Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro, Toby Pasman on the show to talk about neuromodulation, brain mapping, transcranial stimulation, and what all of those terms mean for peak brain performance.

In 2019, Toby started the Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro Podcast to broaden his own knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, neurophysiology, and optimal brain performance by interviewing experts from universities, research labs, and clinics around the world. 

In 2021, Toby founded Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro to offer neuro coaching, QEEG brain mapping, and neuromodulation to people interested in peak performance and hacking their brains.

Find out more about Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro here and follow Toby on Instagram for more content.

If you're interested in learning how to optimise your brain health through nutrition, supplementation, sleep hygiene, and exercise, you can book a free 15-minute Neuro Health Coaching Consultation with Toby.

PLUS we have a special gift to say thanks for being a listener of the show. Enter the coupon code MASTERY21 to get 15% off your first Neuro Health Coaching session.


Leading By Example with Mat Lock

Leading By Example with Mat Lock

August 18, 2021

Harnessing human potential. What does it take to lead people to perform at their peak?

Mat Lock, Co-founder of The Bay Games, and author of the book Lead By Example, joins me behind the mic to talk about these ideas in sport, work and our everyday life.

The Bay Games allows everyday athletes from all over the world to connect and collaborate through friendly competition, but the games are much more than a sporting event.

Grab a copy of Mat's book, Lead By Example, here. 50% of profits from the book go to Lifeline Australia.

Finding Purpose in Retirement with Sharon Rolph

Finding Purpose in Retirement with Sharon Rolph

August 11, 2021

What’s left when your job title goes away? Did you know, retirement ranks number 10 on the top 10 List of Life Stressors?

Today on Mindset Mastery, Sharon Rolph joins me to address the social, emotional, mental, and spiritual impacts of retiring.

Sharon transitioned her Behavioural Science Master's Degree into being a Retirement Essence Coach after she retired in 2016, and now helps people find purpose and fulfillment in this massive life event.

Find out more by visiting and EffortlessVitality.Now.Site

Check out Sharon's Queen of Courage series on Instagram.

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